Pacvac Superpro 700 vacuum

$412.50 INC. GST


Pacvac Superpro 700 vacuum

  • New and improved ergonomically designed harness features extra thick padding throughout for additional comfort and even more breathability and is made using 50% recycled plastic materials. Enjoy a personalised fit by adjusting the height on a lighter frame. Backwards compatible with existing Pacvac models.
  • Clear Dome Lid allows users to easily see when the machine’s dust bag is full and needs to be emptied or replaced. The offset inlet on the lid also creates more vacuuming power through its cyclonic effect to help lift dirt and debris from the bottom of the dust bag maintaining maximum airflow.
  • New Cord Holder: The new Superpro comes with an improved cord holder which locks into place and doesn’t come loose. The double looped cord restraint prevents accidental disconnection of the power cord.
  • Store and carry accessories to help users complete their cleaning tasks in the wand tool holder, which conveniently clips onto the machine’s wand for easy access.
  • Includes 4 stage Hypercone™ filtration with the option to upgrade to a certified H13 HEPA filter* *EN1822 certified and tested by GTT in 2022

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